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Since tree works is a matter of trust, our principle is to work in partnership with our clients. We see ourselves as your professional partner, someone who has developed and implemented a personalised and integrated concept that exactly suits your requirements.


We are a well-established Tree  management company in Peterborough and have wide-ranging market experience.


     Peterborough Tree Services Ltd    Established   Since 1975 

 We have gained vast experience developed over many years and can provide a totally comprehensive service. The majority of our work is involved with the electricity industry and local authorities. Every project is analysed and supervised by the working directors, from initial site surveys to finished work, to ensure that it is completed to their own demanding standards. 


Keeping the Power Flowing in the       electricity industry


It is imperative that trees are not allowed to grow too close to overhead lines as they can cause considerable damage and disruption. As a nation we are so dependent on electricity that any power loss, particularly in rural communities, creates massive disruption to our daily lives. Industry grinds to a halt and in severe circumstances lives can be endangered, so it is essential that any shut- downs that may be necessary kept to the absolute minimum.


             Local Authority Work


AS THE USE of conservation landscaping to encourage wildlife in urban and rural developments has become more refined, so the need for a more professional tree management and maintenance service has evolved Peterborough Tree Services have a wealth of knowledge in this area and work closely with relevant planning officials and tree officers to ensure the minimum of disruption to sensitive wildlife habitats.


         Because of our experience


In working close to high-voltage power lines, we are particularly adept at operating in confined spaces between buildings and in other awkward situations. It is often necessary to work around telephone wires and street lighting, while underground services such as gas and water mains may also need to be taken into consideration. Close to busy thoroughfares extra vigilance is essential, and at all times the safety of the public is paramount.


    Public Relations CONTROVERSY


Is never absent from tree work for long, as the public is  protective of amenity trees. Peterborough City Council employed us to cut back their famous willow walk beside the River Nene Because public safety was being compromised by the age and poor condition of the trees, whose limbs were breaking off our work has successfully rejuvenated the trees and has ensured their good health and survival for years to come.


             Peterborough Tree Services Ltd


Are acutely aware of both their own reputation and that off their clients and they take their responsibility very seriously. Everyone whose land is affected is contacted to obtain permission to carry out the work and, wherever possible, they are kept fully informed of progress. When work involves parks and public amenity areas it may also be advisable to keep the general public informed of the benefits of tree surgery through the media.



               Manpower and Machinery 


Peterborough Tree Services Ltd are on call 24 hours every day of the year and have a team of trained staff available for any eventuality or emergency. 

The company was called in to provide expert advice and help to clear up after the devastating storms which wreaked havoc in southern England in 1987 and 1989.


The company operates from its own modern office complex  which is fully computerised and has an extensive database.


Our works is carried out using the most appropriate and up-to-date equipment and there is always full support available from our working directors who have, between them, over 85 years experience in the industry. Detailed site surveys are carried out either overland or by helicopter - which is often the most cost-effective method saving both


Call us for PROFESSIONAL ADVICE 24/7 on any aspect of tree work we shall be glad to help.



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