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Pruning is often required to produce strong, healthy and attractive trees or for safety reasons due to structural weaknesses. Experienced Arborists work to the British Standard BS3998 to ensure that trees are considered with regard to species, age and condition. Age of the tree affects the type of tree pruning required. If you have young trees, the focus is on producing a strong structure for future growth. If your trees are mature, the aim of pruning is maintaining structure, form, health and appearance Peterborough Tree Services Ltd will evaluate all aspects of your tree and advise on the type of pruning required to achieve the desired outcome. The tree may have dead, dying, diseased or broken branches it will require surgery to maintain the trees health and safety. If the crown of the tree is too dense it may require ‘thinning’. Branches are selectively removed to increase light penetration and air movement and maintain, or develop, a tree’s structure and form. In other instances the crown, or individual branches, may require a ‘reduction’ if the tree has grown too large for its space or to preserve its form.                   



                           Tree Felling

Tree felling means more than just cutting down trees Felling means to cut the tree in such a way that it falls in the desired direction and results in the least damage to the tree and the surrounding area


                                  Tree Felling

There are a number of reasons that trees might require complete removal. Overcrowding, storm damage, interference with overhead cables That is where we can step in and ensure that your tree is removed to ensure that it does not encroach in a way that is detrimental for your home or business.

Dead trees or trees with severe decay that are causing critical or dangerous structural defects, or a tree which has suffered a severe decline in health should be removed for health and safety reasons, we will provide a professional and complete solution to your tree removal requirements.



                           Tree Felling

Trees to be section felled are dismantled and lowered to the ground in a controlled manner using ropes, cables, pulleys and slings. 



                                   Section Felling

Consists of the removal of the tree in a controlled manner by dismantling. There can be any number of reasons why a tree is section felled, but usually it is because there is a risk of damage to nearby property, it overhangs a public road or there is a risk of damage to other trees,



                          Crown Thinning 

Crown thinning is a highly skilled pruning technique primarily used on hardwood trees involving the removal of a proportion of secondary branches to produce a uniform branch structure without altering the natural shape or overall size of the tree. Branches are removed from within the tree crown to reduce density, to increase light penetration and air movement. All dead wood, dangerous limbs or crossing branches are removed during this operation. Weaker branches are removed whilst the stronger branches are retained To avoid unnecessary stress to the tree, it is recommended that no more than 25-30% of the crown be thinned at any one time. Should more thinning be required the operation should be performed over subsequent years. 


                        Crown Reduction 

Crown reduction involves reducing the height of the tree canopy and is most often performed when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space or when the tree is obstructing or becomes a hazard. Crown reduction reduces the height or spread of the crown of a tree by the removal of the ends of branches back to suitable growth points or side branches whilst maintaining wherever possible the natural shape of the species. Dead wooding During a trees life cycle it is natural for some branches to die back especially during periods of drought or through storm damage.


                        Dead wooding

Involves the removal of all dead, dying, broken or diseased branches from the tree. In performing this, the tree is more structurally sound to adverse weather conditions and visually is more aesthetic. Dead wooding also increases the amount of light and air circulation within the canopy of the tree, reduces the risk of disease and improves the overall health and beauty of the tree. It is important for reasons of safety involving persons or property to have deadwood in your tree regularly inspected and cleared removing any danger or liability of falling branches through a tree report that can be carried out. 


                         Stump Grinding 

Once a tree has been felled and removed, it may also be desired that the stump is removed. This is usually required if the stump will obstruct fencing, or if the area is to be replanted. Stump grinding is the quickest method to remove tree stumps by grinding the stump below ground level or out of the ground with a mechanical stump grinder until the stump and root system are destroyed. We can safely and professionally grind and remove any size of stump from just a few inches in diameter to much larger tree stumps. All that remains is a pile of wood chips that can be easily removed from the site or alternatively.





The emphasis of our tree work is conservation but in cases where a tree is in decline, or there are structural weaknesses, sometimes trees have to be felled. Peterborough Tree Services Ltd can dismantle the tree carefully and safely which is particularly important if the tree is in a confined space once the operation is complete we then recycle the wood into mulch the back into the landscape industry or for biomass production.



This is good for the Enviorment we can gererate electricity from chippings.




Utility Arboriculture Services


Established 1975 PTS Ltd has grown as a company and has become one of the leading utility arboriculture businesses companies today. 


We use a variety of traditional and modern methods for keeping vegetation under control and well within legislation standards.


Working on behalf of electricity distribution network operators. Our commitment is to deliver to our client’s satisfaction and safety


We're happy to provide a quotations if required. 



                       Voltage Networks 


PTS Ltd does all vegetation clearances on the overhead networks


                Commercial Arboriculture Services


That means we're trained, certified as competent, and experienced in planning, project management, risk evaluation and standards as well as the practical tasks related to cutting and clearing. And, whether the job is a one-off or an on-going maintenance contract we have a total commitment to getting the job done: on time and at an agreed price. The variety of tree and vegetation management services we offer include, but are not limited to: 

One off site clearances including permissions. 

Evaluation of risk by trees. 


Estate management of tree stocks, in woodland, parks and 

Project management: a total service to manage everything 

       From an initial study through to post-developmental





                 Domestic Arboriculture Services


PTS Ltd has grown to become one of the country's leading utility arboriculture companies. However, in the Tree Team, we've created an organisation that's tuned to the needs of smaller works, such as one-off garden tree surgery for private customers and landscaping projects for a range both of governmental and non-governmental organisations



Storm Damage


PTS Ltd has assisted in storms and other emergencies many times through the years and with great success and to this day still assists when storms occur. Making our customers top priority at all times to reconnect back to their services.

Walking the line is an important part of keeping the Networks running smoothly for all concerned. 

Predicting weaknesses and points of vulnerability can sometimes 

Only be done by going to see the line in person whether it be to 

look at the height of trees over the power -lines or for engineering faults. 

Our teams can record data using appropriate devices. 

We can patrol any line up to 132 kV and can look for anything that affects its integrity, including vegetation or electrical this means we search out the vegetation for cutting while carrying out small maintenance tasks if required by working in this way also obtaining vital network data for input.


                                     Hedge Trimming


Many properties feature a hedge of some description either for boundary definition, security or privacy Regular hedge maintenance conditions the hedge to a compact structure increasing security, privacy. We can provide care and maintenance for your hedge regardless of size, whether native, conifer or ornamental, including height reduction if required. We are able to advise on the legal obligations concerning hedges and supply solutions and advice for the long term management of your hedge. This ensures your hedge retains both its beauty and intended functionality.


 A well maintained hedge provides effective screening and a boundary for your property. However hedges can very quickly loose their shape. Peterborough Tree Services Ltd tree surgeons can maintain any size or type of hedge including small formal and conifer hedge from the urban environment to large rural hedgerows. We can reduce the height and width or simply clip stray growth to create a good shape.  


Our Arborists will also advise on best pruning times and on long-term management.


Planning Tree Survey • Safety Tree Survey • Pre-Purchase Tree Survey • Subsidence Survey • T.P.O • Legal • Woodlands



Peterborough Tree Services Ltd Arboricultural Consultants - Tree Reports in the UK Our arboricultural consultants operate throughout the UK providing tree reports for land owners and a wide range of other clients including architects, developers, estate managers If you require tree surveys to BS 5837 for a planning application, please call and speak to one of our friendly tree consultants.




                             Landscape Services

Having been established since 1975 PTS Ltd have been providing professional landscaping services to both domestic and commercial customers alike. What ever your needs we can supply patio laying, decking or fencing erected, plants flowering or lawns relaying provide a wide range of landscaping services to suit your needs.



Our landscaping services include:


Hedge trimming and conifer topping





Turf laying

Lawn cutting

Plants and flowering


Weeding / Weed control





                Peterborough Tree Services Ltd

We carry out all Types of Stump Grinding we will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.


                       Peterborough Tree Services Ltd 


Peterborough Tree Services Ltd  services  we  carry out  all Types  of Tree works,  no matter how big or small we will clear all items not required off site.


PTS Ltd will arrange a site meeting for a quotation to make sure you have good value for money at all times.


PTS Ltd has a Waste License this is required by law to remove all brash off site 


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